Chick-fil-A DIY Upcycling Challenge


Chick-fil-A recently added some new items to their menu, which meant some of their older items had to go. One of the items that got the boot was my beloved Asian chicken salad. It was my favorite salad on the menu. When I heard it was being replaced with a Spicy Southwest salad, I didn’t get excited at all because I usually don’t eat spicy food very often. Too many spices usually upsets my tummy. For this reason, I didn’t think I wouldn’t eat a spicy salad as often as I ate the Asian salad.

Members on the Chick-fil-A moms panel received a nice Mother’s Day gift that included a free offer card for the new salad. It was my chance to try this new salad risk free, and so I did. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors. It wasn’t too bold, just the right amount of spice and it didn’t hurt my tummy. I tried it with the creamy salsa dressing but I didn’t use the pepitas or seasoned tortilla strips packs that came in the bag. It was delicious! I liked this new salad so much I went back the next day to buy another one. Again, no tummy ache. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this salad at least seven times since Mother’s Day and still no tummy aches. So I guess it’s safe to say this is my new favorite salad at Chick-fil-A.

Now here’s the fun part. After trying the new salad, I was asked to take the empty salad bowl and lid and turn it into something. A DIY (do it yourself) upcycling challenge. I don’t consider myself to be very creative in that area so this was definitely a challenge for me. However, my soon to be six year old daughter is very creative and enjoys making things. I told her about my challenge and she suggested we make a new playhouse for her Doc McStuffins doll. She thought the container would make the perfect roof. She was right! We made the house together using cardboard, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, a permanent marker and the empty container.

My munchkin and I had fun with this challenge. I will continue to save the containers and reuse them to store food, art supplies and anything else that comes to mind. So now I challenge you to get creative. Next time you have a salad at Chick-fil-A, save the container, get creative and upcycle it.