DIY Easter basket in a few easy steps


The Chick-fil-A Mom Panel members were given a challenge to upcycle their chicken tortilla soup containers. I don’t consider myself to be very “crafty” so this was indeed a challenge for me. I decided to go to a few stores for inspiration and settled on making an Easter basket since Easter was the common theme amongst all the stores I visited.

The Easter basket was super easy to make needing minimal supplies. Here’s what I used.


Empty Chick-fil-A chicken tortilla soup container

Hot glue gun


Ribbon of your choice

Artificial grass

Plastic easter eggs

Candy to fill the eggs (optional)

Stickers (optional)

Step 1: Make your handle. Cut a piece of ribbon to your desired length. Add a little hot glue to each end of the ribbon and attach to the container.

Step 2: Decorate the outside of your basket with more ribbon or stickers.

Step 3: Add the eggs and grass to your basket.

Simple as that and you’re done! Enjoy!

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