Babydam review


I was given the Babydam in exchange for an honest review.

Before you purchase the Babydam, you have to make sure the product will fit your bathtub. The width of your tub can not exceed 26 inches and it must have a smooth bottom.ย The Babydam is currently selling for $44.99 on the Babydam website.

I used the Babydam for the first time over the weekend and LOVED it! I recently decided the baby bathtub I was using for my toddlers was too small and wanted to transition them to the big bathtub. I felt uncomfortable with my little ones having so much extra space in the tub. The Babydam eliminated those concerns.

Installation was pretty simple, but you can also watch a quick video on YouTube to be certain you are installing it correctly. (See link below)

I like that I don’t have to fill up my whole bathtub anymore. Filling up a smaller area saves much more time. I also like that the design of the Babydam allows me to easily store when not in use. I hung mine on the shower curtain rod but you can also hang it on the bathroom door.

If you are on the fence about this purchase, don’t be! I highly recommend the babydam for those who want to transition their baby/toddler to the big bathtub. It is perfect for my 19 month old and three year old. Two thumbs up from this mommy. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘